Golden Parametric Hostel




Instructor: Ben Wilke

Fall 2015, G1 studio project

(2.5 week duration)


The hostel was a brief project concerned with both the living requirements of the visitors, and the concept of de-resolution.  In other words, the design should reflect some nebulous idea of what lies beneath.


The design plays a game with the veiwer from the street, explicitly mirroring the lower building it rests upon, then ridding itself from the connection via the dramatic gold-leafed louver system.


This project was created through using parametric software, and specifically, the software was used to design the louvers to aid in privacy in sections of the hostel like the bedrooms and baths, while opening up in the more shared public spaces.  The louvers not only alter in angle and openess, but they also vary in length to achieve the unique public and private spaces.  The interior spaces are almost modular in design, intentionally adverse to their glossy, ever-changing facade treatment.