GHST Chess Set




Instructor: Ben Wilke

Fall 2016, G1 studio project

Partner: Alex Nyktas

(3 week duration)


The game of chess has many varying sets of pieces, but still contains conventional playing styles, strategies, and set relationships.  The GHST designed set was crafted to encapsulate the ghost from the game Pac-Man, all the while retaining the rules governing traditional chess pieces.  At its core, the pieces should be capable of being identified almost instantly.  A player should instinctively know which is the pawn, knight, queen, et cetera.


The various pieces use differing identifiers for distinguish themselves from one another, and to connect themselves to the quintessential/idyllic design.  The pieces range in height while maintaining the base-middle-top relationships.  While the pawn is primarily defined via its height, the knight and bishop maintain directionality, and the rook, queen, and king preserve the top of the original pieces.


Ultimately, the project was well received, however the jurors were more explictly interested in the possibility of mass production of the designs by way of the initial concept of interlocking profiles.  In hindsight, perhaps displaying the process models may have distracted from the final designs.