Gas Station (x) Intersection




Instructor: Curtis Roth

Spring 2016, G1 studio final review project

(6 week duration)

AIA Student Finalist


Gas stations are ubiquitous throughout America but few are icons, rather they’re often a collection of parts; a canopy, pumps, columns, store, tarmac, and tanks.  This assembly never leads to uniqueness, and over time gas stations have homogenized to a standard.


Unlike the current state of the gas station, there is a history of prominent architects making their mark through a dynamic and unusual gas station.  The task throughout the studio was to design a gas station that would live on, and adapt to an unknown future.  A future that would likely be without conventional fuel injected cars, or the continued use of the finite fossil fuels.


The final design re-envisioned the site and its use of land to be in one compact building, consisting of  a series of turn radii and spiral lifts that not only allow the major intersection to take place on a much smaller footprint, but also allow for the future autonomous vehicles to fill up with gasoline as they transition from one highway to another.  The design also examines a future where vehicles can enter buildings, have zero emissions, and engage our cities in creative, new, and remarkable ways.