The Floating Bar




Instructors: Rob Livesey & Bart Overly

Fall 2016,Comprehensive Studio

Partners: Patrick Small & Brent Hall

(3 month duration)


The site was initially described as a sliver to the river.  A series of narrow blocks that led from the Scioto River on the North side, down to West Chapel Street on the South.  The Floating Bar took the studios thin slice and made it even more narrow.  The site was split in two, making a bar scheme for the housing half, and a landscape grid on the other.


The bar is more more than just housing, it contains amenity spaces below, above, and within.  It has a large series of different unit typologies, leading with the two bedroom skip-stop systems on the top and bottom, single units sandwiched in the bar, and penthouses on top, along with three major towers, two at Broad Street, and one at the river.  In addition to the varied units, it has punches into the bar offering communal balconies, and remedying the distribution of unit types.   Beneath the bar the hardscape rises and falls to provide circulation under and over streets and rail lines along with retail space inside the lifted or subtracted shapes.


Lastly, the site demands the bar stretch North and South, leaving it’s long edges to the East and West.   The fenestration of these sides is also varied.  The West is far deeper (at two feet in depth) and more frequent, while the Eastern side is shallower and more open, displaying the city skyline in full view.