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The Battery was a short, 24-hour competition designed as a museum for the storage of memories.  Much like a time capsule, the museum was required to be buried beneath the earth, required to host various memories through differing senses, and had to be under 100M^2 of gallery space.

The ARCHive is an enormous website that will host hundreds of articles and serve as a way to search scholarly publications on the subject of architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism.  The website will have a custom search bar that searches the website only, and a point-and-click system to generate article lists.

Nomad Nowadays was a competition concerning education in rural and urbanizing Africa.  The competition required that participants design a trailer that can serve as a school room and a living quarters for a mobile teacher.  Previous studies for the O.N.D. in Ghana reiterate the need for mobile teachers given that cities are rapidly growing, and access to education is difficult in many Africa areas.

The Constellation Center aims at making a connection to our celestial place and reconnecting people to the lunar habits of earth via a large hi-res application to the roof of an athletic facility.  This star roof will have many cones that filter light into the building and are placed in celestial patterns relative to the winter sky in the northern hemisphere.

The Open Hand was the submitted design for the ideas forward competition.  The tight 24-hour timeline from prompt to final design submission allowed for forced creativity as well as some pleasant coincidences.  The Open Hand represents an invitation for scientific study that began with a treaty in 1959.

The densification of Marfa Texas is necessary to keep the Chihuahua Desert in tact and will allow for the housing to remain affordable as the market demand increases.  It also allows for makes the streets of Marfa more walkable for residents through shading, urban forms, and micro climates.

Multi-generational housing designed for students and mature students to serve as a melting pot allowing an interchange of thoughts and expertise through the years.  Every floor contains common space, while the lowest floor contains cafe area and connects to residents co-working space.

Design for a temporary pavilion to be showcased for two weeks during Canada's Independence Day.  Robson Park in central to the City of Vancouver and sits directly besides Vancouver Art Gallery, holding over 10,000 pieces of art and visual culture.

living cities entry Bike streets initiative scioto 200 bicentennial over the cap skatepark broad st. infill courthouse park floating houses hexagonal hotel and restaurant

The Living Cities entry was a competition hosted by Metropolis Magazine.  Its prompt was to create sky scraper, 30-40 stories tall, fabricated out of lightweight steel, with various glazing techniques, that would take into account the future users of the building and the growing population.

Bike Streets was another initiative in Columbus, Ohio that focused on making the city friendlier to modes of transportation other than vehicular.  The initiative focused on areas that are already heavily cycled, with the emphasis on safety due to rising cycle to vehicle accident rates.

The Scioto 200 was an attempt to couple the low-head dam removal, growing downtown greenspace, and a rediscovered river to the bicentennial celebration in Columbus, Ohio.  The kayak rental site was designed to float on the new river and promote the rediscovered nature to Ohioans.

The vignette competition was hosted by the Columbus Center for Architecture and Design.  The competition took deadspace and asked you to repurpose the site for some usage.  With skateboarding numbers exceeding baseball, this already paved site was redesigned for an overlooked group.

Broad St. Infill was part of a studio focused on the Betterment of West Columbus through a study on safety, circulation, greenspace, commercial analysis, history, social infrastructure, land use, zoning, housing tenure, and more, partnered with Weston Group and Urban Land Institute.

Courthouse Park was the centerpiece to the walkable Columbus design created to redirect pedestrians to use alleyways and further separate the vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  It is also an attempt to active alleyways with patio allowances, micro-retail leases, phased infill, and limited delivery times.

Floating Houses is an experimental and impractical attempt at drawing the eye of Seattle's public to the unused real estate in its International District.  The site was selected because the neighboring buildings avert their windows from Occidental Park as a result of the blighted parking lot.

The Hotel and Restaurant is designed with hexagons throughout the  exterior hanger-like roof, balconies, large planters, and other various places.  The hexagons play with the naval base, Fort Jefferson, that has never been operational and yet is the largest masonry structure in the Americas.

mapping offinso north district 25 by 40 condensed housing artistic bike racks disappearing pie building jbuilding university downtown perry masterplan passive parkland in canal Winchester german village guidebook

Cities in Ghana are growing at astounding rates.  In the Offinso North District, Akomadan, the capital city, is growing at over 4% per year.  Planners for the region need to stem the 95% of undocumented new housing and can only do so through modern mapping techniques and public service.

The Dutch have an unusual taxation policy that taxes residents on the street front width of the building.  This compact residence aimed to take advantage of natural light while remaining small, and especially keeping a tight footprint on the primary street.

The Columbus Greater Arts Council hosted a call for entries for designing bike racks that would be installed at 9 different sites throughout the city.  The resulting designs will be voted upon and the winners of each site will be constructed.

This structure would offer commercial and office space in downtown Columbus, while maintaining various passive and active solar techniques and green roof gardens on every floor after the third.  This building would aim to achieve LEED status, either v4 of the older model.

Recent news suggests that academic debt has exceeded that of housing debt in America.  Students also claim that universities are notoriously out of touch with the professional world, this building aims to remedy some errors by placing students alongside professionals and attracting new adjuncts.

The Perry Masterplan was designed to connect the Silver Lake Trail through Main St. Perry, and onto Letchworth Park, WNY.  Partnered with Knowlton Planner, Mary Ana Mckay, and inSite Architecture, the small Western New York township has a design and a desire to be walkable and young.

The passive park connects to an active park, Canal Winchester Middle School, and Walnut Creek.  It also provides the connection of the bike path from the southern Canal Winchester to the northern part of the city.

The German Village Guidebook was created by way of a report focusing of Lynchian analysis, S.W.O.T. analysis, census data, urban themes, historical data of the neighborhood.  The Guidebook was design to deputize a traditional report.

portfolios both print & web aesop's quilts dr. pilar Shake on the lake contact page

The portfolios have evolved over a period well over a year, changing slightly at times, more dramatically at others.  The various iterations of the website and printed versions have offered insights into web-driven design as well as print techniques and printer/publishers.

Aesop's Quilts was the first website created for an L.L.C.  This website was designed to give a web-presence to a new business and a burgeoning craft trade.  Aesop's Quilts is still beginning, and plans to remain small, but is dedicated to the craft of quilting and may offer classes in the future.

Dr. Pilar McKay is an associate professor of communications at American University, Washington, DC.  Dr. Pilar has a history of marketing and consultancy, and wishes to expand her private business in this field.

Shake on the Lake is a Shakespeare festival put on in Western New York.  The troop of actors and managers ascends to Silver Lake, NY every year for the past 4 years to host the only outdoor Shakespeare festival in Wyoming County.

This page is solely designed for visitors of the website to get an idea of the projects and its creator, Daniel Yontz.  Daniel Yontz is a graduate architecture student at the Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University.  Most of the projects were completed prior to graduate school, and the page should continue to change to reflect a growth in architectural knowledge, theory, and design.  Thanks for visiting!